• Speedlimiter from 6500 to 6800 RPM
  • Greatly improved file-row properties.
  • Type injectiesysteem: Bosch Motronic ML4.1
  • Type EPROM: 27C256
  • Installationmanuel

Price and request

  • Squadra Chiptuning, incl. 21% VAT
    € 250 ,-
  • Squadra Chiptuning without VAT
    € 207 ,-
  • Shipping worldwide
    € 25 ,-

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Andreas from Germany

With the higher idle speed, the engine runs much more smoothly.
What else struck me: Before that, the engine jerked from cold to warm and the speed stuck when switching gears. In this state he accelerated very poorly. That's all fixed now. When cold starting, the speed went up to 1500 and now to about 1100 which is much more pleasant.
Your map is no comparison to the original. This is absolutely perfect ???

Urs from Switzerland

Wie versprochen sende ich euch einen kurzen Bericht über meine ersten Eindrücke, nach dem Einbau des Chips.

Mein Gesamteindruck ist, dass der Motor ausgeglichener läuft und spontaner ist. Eine gelassene Fahrweise sowie auch eine sportliche lassen sich hier besser vereinen.

Leerlauf ist gut, Drehzahl ist stabil
Anfahren geht besser, es fühlt sich an als ob der Motor schneller reagiert und das Gas sich besser dosieren lässt.

Beschleunigung ist ab ca. 1700 U/Min. besser, es hat keine „Löcher“ mehr wie bisher. Der Motor beschleunigt gleichmässiger und fühlt sich in Steigungen kräftiger an beim Beschleunigen aus den Kurven.
In niederen Drehzahlen, z.B. Kolonnenfahren braucht man nicht mehr dauernd das Kupplungspedal zu treten, weil der Motor runder läuft.
Beim Hochschalten, passen die Gänge nun besser, weil der Motor schön Gas annimmt. Vor allem vom ersten in den zweiten Gang – da sollte man sich ja etwas mehr Zeit lassen – fällt der Motor nicht mehr so ab sondern man kann schön weich schalten.

Überlandstrecken kann man bei freier Bahn schön im 5. Gang fahren, da zieht der Motor sehr schön ab ca. 1700 U/Min. wieder an. Auf der Autobahn ist der Motor ruhiger als vorher und man spürt etwas mehr Reserven.

Passstrassen kann ich zügiger fahren, weil man nun viele Kurven gut im dritten Gang nehmen kann (falls das vorausfahrende Fahrzeug auch etwas zügig unterwegs ist). Das ist eine richtig gute Verbesserung.
So bin ich dieses Wochenende den Albis-Pass zweimal gefahren – Referenzstrecke weil manchmal mein Arbeitsweg – und konnte feststellen dass der Spider sich zügiger durch die Kurven ziehen lässt.

Beim Kraftstoffverbrauch ist eine Verbesserung nicht feststellbar, liegt aber daran weil ich mit dem neuen Chip noch zu wenig gefahren bin.

Leerlaufverhalten vom Motor: 4 von 5
Abfahren vom Leerlauf: 5 von 5
Niedrigdrehzahlverhalten: 5 von 5
Hochdrehzahlverhalten: 4 von 5
Kraftstoffverbrauch: 4 von 5
Gesamtbewertung: 4 von 5

Alles in Allem, es hat sich wirklich gelohnt diesen Chip einzubauen.

Ernst Christian

I just want to give you a short feedback:

My first impressions (after 500km) are that the idle is very smooth at 1000 rpm. I taped the gas pedal and the trottle response is much quicker.

The Spider seems to be more powerful between 2000-3000 rpm, and this makes driving realy relaxing, it feels like the cylinder capacity has increased.

The next bosst appears between 5000-6300 rpm and this makes a lot of fun, the Spider sounds great and the rpm´s increase very quick. The rev limiter is now at 6800 rpm, but this is not so relevent for me, because i don´t take the engine over 6300.

In summery i can say, the chip is a „must have“ feature, thanks to squadra you did a fantastic job.

Bernd from Austria

ust to give you a short feedback on your chip:

You did a great job: Form a subjectiv point of view the car is remarkably stronger between short below 2000 revs up to a little more than 3000 revs. This makes driving much more relaxing, and the car feels simply more powerful.
From shortly below 5000 revs up to the limiter there is the next kick. It feels, the car "breathes" easier.
The result is, that you're always about 20 kmh faster than expected. ;-)
Many thanks to you and your team!

Besides: Changing the Chip was very simple. It took only about 30 Minutes...

Jose da Costa from Portugal

Have received you programed chip, really good value for money, must say I´m impressed with this results.

Idle speed behaviour from the engine: 4 out of 5
Driving away from idel speed: 3 out 5
Low RPM behaviour: 5 out 5
High RPM behaviour: 5 out 5
Fuel consumption: 4 out 5
Total opinion: 4 out 5

Laurent from Switzerland

Here are my impressions after appr 200 km driving with the new chip :

Let's first begin with the engine running at idle : the rpm is more stable but a little higher than before.

At low rpm, there is much more torque then before, the rpm are increasing much faster and the acceleration is also faster. Between 2000 and 3500 rpm, the difference is really noticeable. This pumping effect I used to feel (rpm increasing, hesitating around 3000 rpm and increasing again) is almost totally gone. In global I can say that it feels like if the car had lost 100 kg. On the highway also, the car is behaving better : better accelerations,

but the difference there is less noticeable that driving in town. It feels like the injection was replaced by two Weber carburetors, the engine "breathes" a lot easier. I have even more pleasure to drive !!

I am very pleased with this Squadrachip. It rubs away the bad modifications that were made to de-polluate the bialbero engine in the beginning of the 90'.

Thanks a lot for your job.

Dean Hofffman

O.K. fellows, after driving around this week in a variety of conditions for 250 miles, I'm ready to review this chip.

First, I have to say this is by far the best improvement for $200 I could have made (or imagined possible) to my '90 spider.The car now drives like a 'modern' car- the idle is very flat, and the engine revs smoothly, delivering great torque evenly up through the revs.

On the highway, the car pulls out easily for rapid passing, and does everything I ask it to do (within reason). In the city, take-off from start is much easier. There just seems to be tons of torque compared to what the car had with the old chip. All this makes the car easier to drive smoothly.

I'm finding I'm going faster, but pushing the car easier with your chip. For anyone who requires to drive at speeds above 60 mph, fighting off 18 wheelers and 3 ton SUV's in the measure, this chip is a must!

My first impressions still hold. The engine feels about 50% larger both in-city and on the highway. No doubt due to the great increase by percentage in torque. It feels like there is a nice torquy V-6 under the hood. I'm sure this is the way the Alfa designers intende this car to feel when they designed it.

I'm confident enough now to consider investing some money for a paint job for the car. It drives like a 'new' car, not an older vintage vehicle you have to make excuses for.

This chip really delivers. Great job.


Well this is a GREAT chip Squadra Tuning produces. I feel that I have a completely different Alfa Spider. From the start, I received the chip nicely packaged and I read the instructions on how to install. The installation was very simple and took about 5 minutes. As I put the keys into the ignition I prayed that this U.S. Alfa Romeo would start due having a electronic part from overseas.

To my delight the Alfa surged to live with a nice rumble. The idle is very smooth at 1000. I taped the gas pedal and the engine sounds as if it was breathing better. It sounds more deeper. I put the Alfa in gear and it drove very smooth. It has very nice push and it seems to have lost some weight. I am amazed buy the new push the Alfa has in the low gears. As I shift to 3 and 4 rev the Alfa to 6000 and its screams nicely and a lot faster than with out the chip. I am happy that i have now a 5th gear that is very useable for passing.

I am extremely happy with your product, thank you very much.

Chris Stone

Here are the results:
Run 1 0-60 in 12.07 sec measured horsepower of 70 hp
Run 2 0-60 in 12.00 sec measured horsepower of 71 hp
Run 3 0-60 in 12.07 sec measured horsepower of 71 hp

then with the chip changed
Run 4 0-60 in 11.03sec measured horsepower of 78 hp
Run 5 0-60 in 11.82 sec measured horsepower of 74 hp
Run 6 0-60 in 11.05 sec measured horsepower of 77 hp

As you can see there is a considerable performance gain of up to 8 hp at the rear wheels. However this is all relative since the horsepower reading are only approximate. In reality there is a 10% increase in horsepower and an 8% improvement in 0-60 mph times. Very good for a $250 investment.

Chris Stone

I have done some performance comparisons of stock vs chip timed runs on my 1990 2.0 litre spider.I used a passport g-timer with data logging with the weight of the car with myself and fuel set at 2775 lb the pitch angle was set to 2 deg and the roll angle set to 3 deg. The testes were performed at approximately 5300 ft above sea level and the temperature was approximately 77 deg F. I performed 3 runs from a standstill and recorded 0-60 mph times and measured rear wheel horsepower between 30 mph and 60 mph. The runs were in opposite directions on the same piece of level road. I then quickly changed the eprom and repeated the tests within 30 min of my previous runs.