• Developed for usage of RON98 fuel.
  • Higher idle speed
  • Smoother throttle response in all mode.
  • Modified exhaust gas temperature strategy (limit)
  • Modified thermostat control

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  • Squadra Chiptuning Alfa 4C
    € 590 ,-

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Peter N.

Having driven several thousand km's in my 4C spider, I can wholeheartedly confirm that the promises of Squadra Tuning are the full truth.

Really FANTASTIC what the tuning has improved compared to the original adjustment !!

Here are the advantages:
Clear difference in DNA positions compared to original.
Power is plentiy in every touring area.
Absolutely NO nervous behavior of the engine during switching/throttle.
Significantly lower fuel consumption.
With this tuning you really feel like you have a SUPERCAR under your ass!!

TIP: I do the fuel myself, Liqui-Moly Octane-plus, works great.

Did a tour trip in Sauerland last weekend, and on the highway there I passed several fast cars like Porsche 911 or boxter,Mercedes AMG, Audi R8, and even a Lamborghini that liked to take a battle ;), Well I can say one thing, the 4C stands its own !! Truly FANTASTIC what this car can do. Also in the hills it is a pleasure to steer, both in car mode and manually switching.

SQUADRA tuning,thanks for this tuning,an Alfa Romeo 4C is already a dream car, but WITH tuning tuning a SUPERcar !!!!


On the way home I found the one thing and the other somewhat disappointing at first, but then I saw that I still had the DNA switch on ' normal' and that that made sense.

Once in the D position I became very happy: the accelerator pedal is much more precise and gives more chance to 'steer' with power, as far as I am concerned a must when it comes to these kind of light cars with a relatively short wheelbase.

The second thing that struck me was the fact that the car also above 5000 revs just does something. In the original engine settings, the engine is - it seems - somewhat asthmatic at these speeds and that is now completely gone. This fits very well with the car and also makes the switch points a lot clearer.

We talked during the tuning about that much with higher power being marketed and that not always those promises are fulfilled and even if the promise is fulfilled you have to ask yourself what the mechanical limitations are and also what the restriction of the car as such is going to be. With the Squadra tuning I find the car exactly in balance when it comes to power, weight and the possibilities offered. In short, I am happy and thank you!


Now back and the 4C has already driven some 4500 kilometers since tuning..

I had indeed come home well, it was busy on the track so that once pushed through there was hardly any. On Saturday the car still was roasted and the Sunday morning then left for Tuscany.

The tuning is perfect, the difference in power is strongly felt. In fact, on the highway in 6th to 2500 revs it is almost necessary to switch back if I want to accelerate, the torque is so strong that it gets up to speed very smoothly. Top speed I have not been able to test (in that 4500km...) either it was too busy on the track or the track was not ideal. And also the girlfriend found it around 230 already more than fast enough ;-)

What I also like is the difference in power now between the DNA positions. On the way back through Switzerland it rained very brightly at one point, when the combination of a smooth road surface and winding bridge decks with ridges in the road surface the allweather stand was pleasantly quiet. And when I put it back in dynamic later I feel how fast the 4C is. Furthermore, the accelerator reaction in any position is fine.

What you told about the TCT automatic on mountain passes, there are no real ascent mountains in Tuscany but I have had quite a few short hairpin bends uphill. And then the TCT is indeed really a dream, actually it always succeeded in 2nd, probably because the 4C is so light and at the bottom of the revs is already very strong. But when switching back to 1st this just goes without problems and smoothly.

I can also say about the consumption that I notice that it is more economical, it is obviously not an official test but on the way I had to drive quietly throughout Switzerland and then I was at 6.5 liters. Something I had never done before, I could suddenly do more than 600km with 1 tank. With constant fast driving I think the consumption will be about the same.