• Shift points from A replaced by those from N
  • Shift points from N replaced by those from D
  • Shift points in D replaced by a milder Race Mode shifting
  • Race Mode shifting added
  • Increased maximum upshift RPM
  • Added auto upshifting in Dynamic/Race while in manual

Price and request

There are 2 options to get this type of chiptuning

1) By visiting us with the car.
2) By contacting one of our resellers

The prices below are including 21% TAX.
Outside European Union costumers can subtract 21% TAX.

  • Stage 1 Squadra ZF8HP tuning
    € 390 ,-
  • Stage 2 Squadra ZF8HP tuning
    € 490 ,-
  • Stage 3 Squadra ZF8HP tuning
    € 590 ,-

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"We have now been 'on the road' for a while with our tuned Giulia 2.0 T, so that we can clearly express our findings: you have made a great Alfa even more great. The combination with the ZFbak tuning in particular completes the driving experience. Where we previously only used 2 settings (D and N), we now have 3 settings, each with their own (usable) character. A for quiet, economical straight-ahead stretches, N for 'commuting' fun and D for the special ' veloce' rides. The latter driving mode is truly fantastic. The power combined with the (now) exceptionally alert ZF gearbox is a treat that everyone should treat themselves to with a Giulia 2.0 T. Don't hesitate, have fun and enjoy!"

Ronald L.

I decided to choose the stage 2 gearbox tuning for my Giulia (2022 model). My Giulia is not equipped with paddle shifters.
The default gearbox setting is way too lazy or comfortable for my taste. He always shifted to the highest gear for the lowest possible revs at constant speeds. Sensible for low fuel consumption, but not for the more dynamic Alfa experience. The car urgently needed some Alfa DNA in the system and that is exactly what Squadra Tuning did. The tuning transformed the car. Just nice in A, lively and active in N and eager to rev and wonderfully DYNAMIC shifting (with capital letters) in the powerband in D. It is now a real Alfa again!

Gerard B

On October 31, 2023 I fitted my Alfa Romeo Giulia Q2 (US model) with the ZF8HP gearbox upgrade. My car was already equipped with the Chip Tuning and the Race Mode button/function. I always drive my car really warm and then switch to one of the DNA-R modes depending on the traffic and the environment. In D-mode I was very bothered by, among other things, the 'abrupt' downshifting. In N-mode it is very fast in a 'too high' gear. This chip tuning of the ZF8HP gearbox makes it look like I have bought another Giulia. The old D-mode is now the N-mode, the N-mode is now the A-mode and the D-mode, yes, it is really crazy, not below 3000 rpm and shifts up and down exactly at the moments that you would do that manually. Stephan advises against this on the highway for that reason. I have used the Race mode for a short time since then, but it is a bit tricky again in the fall. In summary, if you think that your Alfa Giulia is spicy enough, then you are wrong, because of this 'upgrade' it really drives as intended, super response to the gas, downshift at the right time, I no longer use manual, simply not. necessary.

I would like to thank Stephan and Arianne for the hospitality and coffee and see you very soon because I am coming to pick up the Performance Logger SD, not only for the “performance” but many useful functions available directly from the handlebars and a log on SD.