MultiECUscan is by far the best diagnostic tool for Alfa Romeo and other FCA europe related cars. We use it all the time because of the simplicity and straight forward operation.

We offer several OBD tools which require some important vehicle information or require some programming procedures.

Some examples:

  • If you want to remove the SGW firewall we advice to erase it completly from the cars Body Control Unit setting (PROXI). That is possible with MultiECUscan
  • When you would like to use our Powergate 3+ flash tool we would really like to know the current Engine Control Unit software version. MultiECUscan can read this.
  • When you would like to activate Remote Start keys these will have to be programmed and the PROXI BCM setting has to be modified. MultiECUscan is able to do that.



We don’t sell MultiECUscan. You can purchase a full license through or via several resellers.

MultiECUscan needs to communicate with the OBD port by an interface. We advice to use a simply straight forward ELM327 OBD interface. There are a awful lot of suppliers. We have our best experience with interfaces from OBDlink. We prefer to work with wired connections so we have chosen for the OBDlink SX by USB.


But you are not there yet.

The Giulia and Stelvio uses 3 seperate CAN systems (called CAN busses). Each one uses 2 of the 16 OBD pins +power and two grounds . The main system is on pin 6 and 14 and can be reached directly with any ELM327 interface. To reach the other 2 CAN busses adaptor cables are needed. These adaptor cables redirect to pin 12-13 and 3-11.

MultiECUscan uses a set of adaptor cables in various colors. Each color represents a certain redirection and therefor CAN bus. In case of the Giulia and Stelvio you need the grey and the blue cable.

In most cases these cables are sold as a set of 6.

Don't ask us.

Please do NOT ask us for any information for purchases or how to use MultiECUscan. Unless you have purchased one of our products which require to use MultiECUscan.