Powergate OBD Flash tool

The Squadra Tuning Powergate OBD flash tool

The Powergate3+ is a universal EOBD programmer which in this case is specially preprogrammed for the Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0T and Stelvio 2.0T. From now on the Powergate3+ is called “PWG”.The programming procedure consists of a number of steps.

  • Creating an Identification file
  • Downloading the identification file
  • Upload the tuning file
  • Programming the tuning file
  • Clearing all error messages

The programming set consists of a maximum of 3 parts:

  • One SGW bridge (if applicable)
  • DTC killer (optional)
  • The Powergate3+ programmer (PWG)

Of course, the package contains a clear step-by-step instruction manual.

SGW Firewall present?

As of February 2018 all Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio’s will be equipped with a Firewall. This is called an SGW which stands for Security GateWay. The SGW ensures that only with official diagnostic equipment 100% can be communicated with the CAN network of the car. When using unofficial diagnostic equipment, many instructions are stopped. Examples are the deletion of error messages or the resetting of maintenance intervals. But also make sure you have programming equipment such as the Powergate. The use of the SGW bridge is therefore necessary.

DTC killer

When the Powergate is connected, a number of errors are caused, all of which are related to the CAN network. This is unavoidable and does no harm. During a programming session, the injection computer is brought into an electronic coma (boot mode). All other control units notice this and therefore give an error message. In short, after a programming session, 10 errors were detected. When the ignition is turned off and a few seconds later, nothing of this is visible anymore. But the errors remain stored in the memories of the various control units.

The DTC killer ensures that ALL error messages are erased. The operation is simple. Switch on the DTC killer, plug it into the EOBD connector and wait for the red LED to stop flashing. This takes about 45 sec. Then remove the DTC killer.

Read the user manual!

Below you will find a link to download our Powergate 3+ user manual. It describes how the procedure should be done for the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio


User manual OBD flash tool Powergate 3+ English (PDF)

Powergate flash tool software

Below you will find a Google Drive download link to install the Powergate flash tool software. With this software you are able to download User LOG files from the PWG tool and upload tuned files before carrying out the flash procedure to your Giulia or Stelvio

Download link PWG Programmer.

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