Performance Logger

What is it?

The Squadra Tuning Performance Logger is a unique OBD tool that is completely focused on getting the maximum driving pleasure in terms of performance from the Alfa Romeo Giulia and the Stelvio.

The Performances Logger uses already existing data that is exchanged between the various control units over the CAN buses.

What can the Performance Logger do?

The core task of the Performance Logger is to continuously measure acceleration times and to save the best times. In addition, the main parameters about the condition of the engine and drivetrain are shown. The longitudinal and transverse G-forces are displayed and the highest value is also stored.

But that’s not all. For the real drivers, ALL driving assistants can be silenced. We’ve even added a special burn-out or line-lock feature. The fastest acceleration times can be set with the help of the Launch assist.

Finally, there is the option to clear error messages from all control units present.

Special parameters for Giulia en Stelvio 2.0 Turbo versions

On this moment we only offer the 7 inch TFT display versions. The 3.5 inch version will follow soon.

All Giulia and Stelvio 2.0 Turbo versions are equipped with a highly effective water-cooled intercooler. To get a good understanding of the circumstances, 3 essential temperatures are displayed.

  1. The temperature of the water that cools the intercooler (WCAC)
  2. The temperature of the intake air before the intercooler (so exiting the turbo)
  3. The temperature of the intake air after the intercooler and therefore also in the intake manifold

Special options for the Quadrifoglio versions

For all Quadrifoglio versions, the exhaust valves can be opened. For Giulia Q’s the front splitter can be lowered for a cleaning job.

For Q4 versions, AWD switch off or AWD torque monitoring

For Q4 versions, the driven torque can be read from the front axle. But if you want to experience the Q4 as a 100% rear wheel drive car, the front wheel drive can be switched off. This also means that burnouts can be performed.

The operation and communication

Operation is via the menu button, the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel and the “Lane Assist” button. The Performance Logger communicates via the information line on the display between the tachometer and speedometer.


At this moment we have completed the development for the Giulia Q with manual and automatic gearbox. All other versions will follow soon. A table is printed below that lists all functions.

Order one or Interested?

When ordering, please use this detailed order form. We require several facts for a complete order.

If you have any questions about the Performance Logger that have not been answered after consulting the user manual below in PDF format, please send us an E-mail. to

User manual

Download link for Giulia Stelvio 2.0T (Q4). Version 2.02, september 3rd 2020
English user manual for all 2.0 Turbo (Q4) versions (PDF)

Download link for Giulia/Stelvio Quadrifoglio. Version 1.02 september 3rd 2020
English user manual for all Quadrifoglio versions (PDF)

Below is an overview from all possible menu lines. This example is only valid for the Giulia Quadrfoglio with 8-speed auto transmission. Other versions can show different lines or options.

Some reviews

From Italy:

Yesterday the package arrived. Today I tried the Performance Logger and I have to congratulate with you, it’s fantastic!

That’s what I wanted. Thanks and congratulations!