Performance Logger

What is it?

The Squadra Tuning Performance Logger is a unique OBD tool that is completely focused on getting the maximum driving pleasure in terms of monitoring driveline parameters and performance.

The Performances Logger reads already existing data that is exchanged between the various control units over the CAN buses.

What can the Performance Logger do?

It all starts with measuring acceleration time. 0-100, 0-160/200, 400 meter, highest reached speed. Best times are saved.

Driveline parameters like boost pressure, intake, oil and coolant temperature can be monitored. But also, depending on the type of Giulia/Stelvio, exhaust gas temperature,  battery charge and condition, DPF clogging, tire and brake disc temperature. It’s even possible to measure power and torque values. And many more……

There is also an option to switch off the ABS/TC and set a Burn-out or Launch Assist mode.

Even seat and steering heating can be switched one automaticly.

From may 2021 the 2.oT and Q Performance Logger can be added with an integrated micro SD card which stores all monitored parameters and some extra.

The operation and communication

For pre-MY2020 models the operation is via the MENU button and the cruise control buttons “RES”/toggle switch on the steering wheel.

For MY2020 models there is no RES button. Instead we use the “Options” button on the right or the rotary knob. For some functions the “Lane Assist” button is used.

The Performance Logger communicates via the information line on the TFT display between the RPM meter and speedometer.

Supports both 3.5 and 7.0 inch TFT screen

Both 3.5 and 7.0 inch TFT screens are supported. The 3.5 TFT has less characters on the information line so the texts to display are different between the 3.5 and 7.0 inch TFT screen version.

Special features for the Quadrifoglio versions

For all Quadrifoglio versions, the exhaust valves can be opened. For Giulia Q’s the front splitter can be lowered for a cleaning job.

Only for Q4 versions, AWD switch off or AWD torque monitoring

For Q4 versions, the driven torque can be read from the front axle. But if you want to experience the Q4 as a 100% rear wheel drive car, the front wheel drive can be switched off. This also means that burnouts can be performed.

All features for 2.0T Giulia/Stelvio models

All features for Giulia/Stelvio Quadrifoglio and GTA(m) models

All features for Giulia/Stelvio JTDm models

Power and torque measurement

The 2.0T and Q versions Performance Loggers are able to measure the actual and maximum power and torque given at a certain RPM. By measuring the engine speed, vehicle speed, acceleration and vehicle mass a pretty decent approximation of the engine torque and power can be determined?

Integrated micro SD card for data logging

All new Performance Loggers for the 2.0T and Q versions from august 2021 can be equiped with a integrated micro SD card. The Logger is able to store all monitored data from each trip made. 4 times per second all monitored parameters and some extra parameters will be stored as an CSV file.

With help of an CSV file reader (for example the data can be examined.

Is there a SGW firewall present?

From production month February 2018 all Giulia’s and Stelvio’s are equipped with the SGW firewall

When a SGW firewall is present, the Performance Logger will not work. In that case our SGW bridge can be installed.

Questions? Please download the user manual for full understanding.

Download link Performance Logger user manual, v1.11 August 18th 2021
English user manual Performance Logger all versions (PDF)

What is the price?

Squadra Tuning OBD tool update app

With the help of this on-line app one can program the Performance Logger with a different type of  software. That can be very useful. Such as:

  • a different type of Giulia or Stelvio is purchased.
  • one buys a used Performance Logger but the exact type does not match.
  • upgrading from a Light to a Full version.
  • when one has purchased an ESC v2 and wants to upgrade it to a Performance Logger.
  • if there is a bug in the software.

Such an adjustment of the software MUST always be in consultation with us. We have to link the required software version to the serial number in question. Depending on the desire, certain costs may be associated with this.

Upgrade Giulia/Stelvio 2.0T Full versions: Free
Upgrade Giulia/Stelvio Q Full versions: Free.
Upgrade Giulia/Stelvio 2.0T Light versions: 50.– Euro incl TAX/42.– Euro TAX free
Upgrade Giulia/Stelvio Q Light versions: 50.– Euro incl TAX/42.– Euro TAX free
Upgrade/replacing hardware from non-SD to SD version: 90.– Euro incl TAX/75.– Euro TAX free excl. shipment costs.

Link to the OBD tool updater.

How to order?

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For questions please contact us.

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Below is an overview from all possible menu lines. This example is only valid for the Giulia Quadrfoglio with 8-speed auto transmission. Other versions can show different lines or options.