Squadra Tuning OBD tool updater

What is the OBD tool updater?

The name says it all. The Squadra Tuning OBD tool updater is a software application with which our OBD tools can be programmed online.

This concerns our following Squadra Tuning OBD tools:

  • Performance Logger Light/Full/SD
  • Exhaust Sound Controller v2
  • Traction Controller

The OBD tool updater connects to a database via the internet. The database tells us exactly which serial number is eligible for an update.

When can this OBD tool updater be used?

For example, when an ESC v2 must be upgraded to a Performance Logger. Or a Performance Logger for a Giulia 2.0T has to be changed into a Stelvio Q Performance Logger.

But of course software updates can also be carried outin case of bugs in the software from for example for Performance Loggers.

The download link

To use the OBD tool updater, the program must be installed on a Windows 7/10 PC or laptop. Please use the download link below.

Run the download and install the software. Ignore all warnings from virus programs and/or Windows alerts regarding unknown publishers.

Download link Squadra Tuning OBD tool updater

Also install this USB driver: USB driver.

How does it work?

The OBD tool can be connected to your laptop/PC using a MICRO USB cable. Convince yourself that it’s a USB DATA cable and not a USB CHARGING cable.

For this, the OBD tool must be opened. This can be done by loosening the 4 crosshead (Philips) screws. Remove the PCB a little bit from the housing so that the MICRO USB cable can be connected.

Open the OBD tool updater software. The image below appears on the screen with. The laptop/PC must be connected to the internet.

Connect the OBD tool via the USB cable to the laptop/PC. The software will now automatically detect the correct USB port. In our example this is USB port 37. This differs per laptop/PC. A number of data is then read from the OBD tool. These are displayed on the top half of the screen. Based on the serial number (2020002), it is checked over the Internet for updates in the database. The details of the update file will appear in the bottom half of the screen.

The image above shows that an update is available for the serial number 2020002. In this case from SW version 1.05 to SW version 1.06

If no update is available, this will also be announced.

By now pressing the update button with the mouse, the software is downloaded from the server and then programmed in the OBD tool. This will take a few seconds.

After the update has been successfully performed, the software reads the OBD tool again so that it can be checked whether the correct version has been programmed.

Once the update has been performed, it cannot be performed again. Reconnecting will result in no update available.

Disconnect the OBD tool from the USB and screw the lid back on. Do not overtighten the Phillips screws. Fixed is fixed.

When it doesn't work.

When the OBD tool updater gives an error, close the application, disconnect the USB connection and open the OBD tool updater again. Then reconnect the OBD tool via USB.

In exceptional cases the OBD tool may not automatically enter “Boot mode”. Then proceed as follows:

  • Open the OBD tool updater software
  • Connect the OBD tool via the USB port
  • Have the OBD tool updater read the OBD tool
  • Now press with the index finger on the small button circled in yellow. The OBD
  • tool is now put in “Boot mode”. A small red LED lights up
  • Now press “Update” and the update will be performed.

"Update failed"

Unfortunately, in some cases, the update may be completed unsuccessfully. A message “update failed” will appear, even though the bar is completely green. From that moment on, the OBD tool is no longer recognized by the USB driver.

In this case, the OBD tool will have to be reprogrammed with so-called default software.

This has to be done with the “Teensy uploader”. Download this small program via the Google Drive link below.

Teensy Uploader Program

Or copy/paste the link below and download the software directly from the supplier (Teensy Loader Program):


Also download the “default software” for the OBD tool (Google Drive link)

Default software OBD tool

Then proceed as follows.

  • If the OBD tool updater program is older than September 13, 2021, please uninstall it via windows first. Download the current version via the link further up this page. After installation, close the OBD tool updater program.
  • Open “teensy.exe”. A small window will open as shown below
  • Connect the OBD tool via USB
  • Press the little white button on the logger. Boot mode is now forced and the USB should be recognized
  • Open via File –> Open Hex file –> “Default-0.07.HEX”
  • Press the green upload arrow with the mouse. The HEX file is uploaded very quickly.
  • Unplug the USB and close the Teensy program
  • Open the OBD updater program and reconnect the OBD tool via USB
  • The OBD tool should now be recognized automatically (USB port recognition)
  • Finally, run the OBD tool update again.
Teensy uploader window


If it all works differently than described above, press the “Help” button and send us an email.