• Shift moments from A replaced by those from N
  • Shift moments from N replaced by those from D
  • Shift moments in D replaced by a milder Race Mode shifting
  • Race Mode shifting unchanged
  • Increased maximum upshift RPM (7250 RPM)
  • Added auto upshifting in Dynamic/Race while in manual @ 7250 RPM

Price and request

There are 2 options to get this type of chiptuning

1) By visiting us with the car.
2) By contacting one of our resellers

The prices below are including 21% TAX.
Outside European Union costumers can subtract 21% TAX.

  • Squadra ZH8HP tuning Giulia/Stelvio Quadrifoglio
    € 590 ,-

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Xavier from Australia

Engine and gearbox tuning + Performance Logger Full SD

Yesterday I finally got the chance to drive the car properly. My first impression is that the car is great, thank you! I could definitely notice the improvements in D now too. But especially as you say, everything seems to work so much better in Auto mode on the gearbox. The car was boring compared to now in automatic mode. You had to drive in manual mode to bring any fun. But now, manual driving seems slow. That's how good automatic mode has become.
I also feel that the electronic steering struggles to work adequately in D. Not only in 1 and 2 but now also in 3, as the power and torque increase to such an extent that the rear end still slips even in D!

All in all the car feels fantastic and from what I could monitor via the Performance Logger on the display, the oil, gear and differential temperatures seem great. However, it was not a hot summer day here, with temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius.

The next big test will be at the end of March when I take her to the track. Will report back later.

Thank you again for making this possible, I am forever grateful.